Piojo Herrera brought fans to Rayados and made a new stadium possible

Michael Herreracurrent coach of Tigres, made his debut as coach with Atlante 20 years agoon February 17, 2002. Two years later, in June 2004, he had already signed with the second team of his career, Rayados, a club that acquired him as their strategist due to the show they provided on the field the Iron Colts.

Herrera captivated the directors of the Gang, so they had no doubt that El Piojo would become their new helmsman; and it didn’t take long for Monterrey to confirm that the decision had been the right one, because they not only reached the 2004 Apertura Finals (their first campaign) and 2005 Apertura, since Miguel was a phenomenon in the royal institutionbecause he managed to get the team will fill the Technological Stadium selling more than 30 thousand subscriptions.

Jorge Urdiales, the then president of the team, attributes that season ticket sale to Herrera’s style of playWell, that was precisely the reason why they had chosen him, since both he and Luis Miguel Salvador were sure that Piojo would connect the field with the stands, after not even Daniel Passarella with the 2003 championship had been able to achieve it .

“We analyzed and I proposed that we make a strong change… Our job was to be attentive to see who was left without a team; we had seen, the team that we liked the most how it was playing, was Atlante, first with Reinoso and then continued and improved Miguel Herrera, we felt that he was the ideal person to connect the field with the stands… we decided that because of the style of play, because of the aggressive, offensive way, Miguel was the one,” recalled Urdiales.

It filled the Tec and gave rise to the dream of the new stadium

Herrera had little experience, he had barely managed Atlante for two and a half years as his first team in the First Division of Mexican soccer, but what mattered to Rayados at that time was that Piojo’s way of playing captivated the fans.

“That was given to us by the way of approaching the tactical-technical aspect of Miguel, it was what he made us fill the Technological Stadium before selling all the season ticketsbefore the tournament started, was what made it possible for us to make the decision of a new stadium with greater capacity,” said the former leader.

“In 2001 when I arrived, the average attendance was 62 percent and we sold 7 thousand tickets. When we became champions with Passarella we grew to 9 thousand tickets per season. With Hugo de León it was in December and we sold a thousand or two thousand more, but then when it started with Miguel Herrera and in the first tournament we reach the final in December, we sold half season tickets and we sold about eight thousand season tickets, because people identified with the way the team played. We reached 16, 17 thousand subscriptions. When we renew in June, we reach the Semifinal, so we already sold 24 thousand subscriptionswe jumped because people were happy with the team’s style of play… we sold 30,000 seats in the Technological Stadiumit was because of the style, because of the way of playing”, he added.

The Tec had capacity for 36,000 people, so by having practically everything sold with the subscribers, he began the path to the dream of having his own house and much larger, so it was that in September 2008, precisely one year after the exit of the Piojo from the club, Femsa presented the model of what would be the BBVA, the Steel Giantan enclosure that became a reality until 2015, when it was inaugurated, with a capacity of more than 50,000 people.

Herrera was not even present when the model was shown in 2008, since in September 2007 he had stepped aside due to poor results. “There was a decline, he said I’ll step aside, make your best decision because I no longer have control of the group, so we made the decision that he should leave,” said the former leader.

Herrera went through Veracruz, Tecos, again Atlante, América, Mexican National Team, Tijuana, then a second stage with the Águilas, until in May 2021 he was presented by Tigres.

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