VIDEO. Bull attacks cyclist in the middle of a mountain race in the US

During the traditional Californian race of Rock Cobblerin the United States, the great protagonism was taken by a bull.

On the route of just over 120 kilometers, which took place last weekend, the cyclists Fans toured the local plains with the idea of ​​living a great “adventure”, as the organization of the event has promised from the beginning.

This 2022, in addition to the usual emotions, there were several moments of anguish. Everything, as reported by the local newspaper ‘Cowboy State Daily’, on account of the animals that adorned the landscape, because, this time, they went further.

The charge of the bull

In the video of the moment, which has become a trend in U.Sit is possible to perceive how a bull gets in the way of the cyclist Tony Inderbitzin and ends up ramming him.

Luckily, the case did not escalate and the amateur runner was not seriously injured.

“I am sore everywhere, mainly in my neck from the second pitch, they practically gave me a whiplash,” said the affected person to the medium in question.

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Apparently, according to what is read in the Californian press, at least two other runners were attacked by the animal. All without major injuries.

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