Saved wants to retire in the Atlas; he reveals what prevents his return

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At 35 years of age, Andrew Saved It is clear that there is less and less to go his retirement as a professional footballerwhich brings out his desire to hang up your boots with the team of your loves: Atlas; However the little Prince He is also clear that he is not going to go to a place where he is not considered.

And it is that the Mexican soccer player mentioned that in the past he did have contacts with the leadership of the Atlas to return, but all this has been diluted in recent times.

The Atlas had an approach with me a few years ago and it has not happened againthen I’m not going to be in a place where they don’t love you or where they think you’re not needed or they think you can’t help at all”, indicated the current player of the Betisin an interview with Fox Sports.

The man from Guadalajara pointed out that he has repeatedly expressed his desire to retire with the red and blackbut he stated that it is something that does not only depend on him: “I would like to retire at Atlasthat is not a lie, there are interviews and interviews in which I have said it, but also In all the interviews I have said that it does not depend on me“.

Your goals in this 2022

Andrew Saved explained that he is very clear about his objectives for this 2022, especially that it’s world cup year and wishes in fair happiness to do something important with the Mexican team.

“I see myself achieving something very important in the World Cup for my National Team. I don’t want to go to the World Cup to say ‘oh, I’m going to five World Cups’, no, I see my last chance to achieve something really important for my National Team and at an individual level to get rid of that thorn of having always stayed where I was. It’s my last big chance to get it and that’s how I see it.”finished.

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