Miguel Herrera won a million in a casino before facing Tigres

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Michael Herrera is of long tablecloths, since This Thursday, February 17, he celebrates 20 years of having debuted as a coach of the First Division of Mexican soccer with Atlante. And precisely it was also a Thursday when luck smiled at Piojo, because he incredulous he celebrated a juicy prize, the day he won a million in a casino in Zapopan.

It was the night of April 2, 2009, blacksmith He was a technician for Tecos de la UAG and the next day he would face Tigres on Matchday 12 of the Clausura 2009; the today strategist of the felines left the concentration and went to the casino to play electronic bingo machines.

This is how he won at the casino

And oh surprise! El Piojo ‘hit the fat man’ and could not believe it. It was close to midnight and the entire casino had found out, those present at the casino approached him to congratulate him, so he could no longer go unnoticed.

Almost 13 years later, Herrera tells Mediotiempo his anecdote, in which he won one million 300 thousand pesosbut clarifying that he is not a gambler and that when he used to go to the casino, it was after the matches of the day.

“It was very funny because in Guadalajara I was alone, my family did not want to go with me, I came and went on weekends, I stayed a long time alone in Guadalajara, my family was still in Monterrey. The day ended and I left, I don’t like the comments my head makes, it starts to say nonsense”.

“Then I went to a casino and began to watch the games, the goals without audio and began to play with the machines. I was lucky, it was fun, because I’m not a gamblerbecause I go every eight months to play a little game, but when I’m bored I go to the slot machines to play… when I go to Las Vegas I like to go to the shows, I hardly play, but I’m not one to bet, I was lucky and nothing more , you don’t have to return what you’ve already won, because if you keep going you end up returning it, I won a wool”, he recalled.

The next day, El Piojo could not continue celebrating his luck, because it did not accompany him on the field with Tecos, since they faced Tigres and the match ended in a scoreless draw; In addition, in the tournament things were not going well.

Now, the helmsman celebrates his 20 yearsprecisely with that rival that he could not beat after such an unusual anecdote, and he does so as one of the highest paid strategists in Liga MX.

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