Jaime Lozano explained why Mozo did not go to Tokyo 2020

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Jaime Lozano denied that he had any fight or difference with Alan Mozo During the rallies of the Olympic National Team and revealed that the reasons for leaving out the side of Cougars of Tri They were just sports.

“Look, now that it’s my turn, as a player I didn’t give it so much importance, now as a coach I find out a lot of things, but fortunately I didn’t have a single incident with any player, they are great professionals and very good peoplethe decision has to be made, when you are a parent you understand your parents more, now that I am a technician I understand the technicians more”, expressed the former coach of the U-23 National Team.

“In the end, it is the only part that I do not like leaving people out, and less when Alan had the opportunity to be in the whole process and was left out In my view and understanding in the national team, which is for moments, there was a player who was higher than him”.

He added that he has maintained communication with Waiter as part of establishing good communication. The current manager of Necaxa commented that this constant communication has not only been with Mozo but with several players who were in the Olympic process, which ended with the Bronze medal.

“Fortunately, I have a very good relationship with everyone, cOn Alan, the last time I wrote to him was when they went to the Semifinals, where he played a great game at the Azteca (Estadio), I am very happy to see him well, I have always thought he is one of the most competitive and contagious players in the league”, he pointed out.

“Even me with many players who had the process, not only those who went to the Olympic Games, when they are well or when something bad happens I try to write to them, because we form a great family and friendship, and that is how I want to see them, And if they don’t answer me I’ll understand, some that were not on the last list I will understand perfectly.

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