Forge FC, 1st Canadian team in Concachampions that does not play in MLS

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With the extended format of the CONCACAF Champions Leaguein this 2022 edition the F.C. became the first Canadian team that does not participate in the MLS to be in the Concachampions. The squad from Hamilton, Ontario, achieved their pass by finishing in third place in the Concacaf League, in which they have participated three times since 2019.

This taking into account that in the 2008-2009 season, Concacaf named the tournament the Champions League instead of the Concacaf Champions Cup. Forge will face Cruz Azul in the First Leg of the Round of 16 this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in central Mexico at the Tim Hortons Field stadium.

“The story of Forge begins in May 2017 with the Canadian Premier League, announced to start in 2019. Forge is champion that year and in 2020, by 2021 they lose the Final against Pacific,” Thomas Nef said in an interview. reporter based in Canada.

Notably Canada has a ticket to the Concachampions which is awarded to the best positioned club in the MLS, which have been teams like Toronto, Montreal Impact or Vancouver Whitecaps. In recent editions, the Canadian Soccer Championship has even been completed in which the representative of the Maple Leaf for the Champions League is decided.

The culture of Forge FC

Forge FC is based in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, and was founded in 2017. They play in the Canadian Premier League (approved in 2018) and its players are a base that has been maintained for four years, with key elements such as Kyle Beckerwho is the captain, has experience with MLS and the Canadian National Team. Omar Browne is another important element David Chonière who has played with Impac Montreal.

“Most of the squad know each other, this is the fourth season of all of them. The last competitive match they play is at the end of November with the Final. They gave them six weeks of vacation, since January they have been training and preparing for their debut in Concachampions”, Nef pointed out, who also pointed out that there are not many expectations that the squad can beat Cruz Azul.

How does Cruz Azul arrive?

As far as Juan Reynoso’s team is concerned, there will be four casualties, three of them by technical decision and the other by injury with the case of Adrián Aldrete. They are Charly Rodríguez, Pablo Aguilar and Iván Morales who received rest from the Peruvian coach.

Although for this commitment Cruz Azul traveled with almost all of its starting squadReinoso will execute some rotations in which he will combine substitutes with the usual starters such as Sebastián Jurado, José Joaquín Martínez and Luis Abram, who will start tomorrow.

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