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With the data that we will provide you below, it is demonstrated once again that Exercising greatly benefits our health.

A study they did researchers at Iowa State Universitygave as a result that performing light or moderate exercise after having been vaccinated against Covid-19 or after having inoculated against the flumakes our immune system is further strengthened.

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The investigation consisted of Participants will either ride a bike or walk briskly for about 90 minutes after being vaccinated against Covid-19 or the flu. The obtained result revealed that these people’s antibodies increased over the next four weeks compared to those who remained seated or continued with their daily routine after getting vaccinated.

The scientists also evaluated if the shortest training, about 45 minutescan increase antibodies; the result was not hopeful. This time did not increase antibodies.

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Among the details of the report, the specialists revealed that almost half of the participants in the experiment had a BMI in the category of overweight or obesity, so this study could directly benefit people with a variety of fitness levels.

In this regard, the professor of kinesiology Marian Kohut, main author of the article, pointed out that their preliminary results are the first to demonstrate that a specific amount of time can enhance the antibody response from the body to the Pfizer-BioNtech covid-19 vaccine and two influenza vaccines.

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More studies are still needed to discover why and how exercise increases immunity. The academic points out that there may be several reasons: exercise increases blood and lymph flow, which helps immune cells circulate. As these cells move through the body, they are more likely to detect something foreign.

The data of experiments with mice also suggested that a type of protein (i.e. interferon alpha) produced during exercise helps generate antibodies and T cells virus-specific.

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If you are one of the people who like to exercise, you will be more convinced to continue doing it before this excellent news and if not, what are you waiting for to do it?


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