Chávez Jr explodes against Frida Muñoz, but her daughter defends her live

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A new chapter between the dispute they live Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.. and his still wife frida munozwas experienced in the early hours of this Wednesday, when the boxer made one of his usual live broadcasts on instagram though this time something happened that he did not imagine.

And it is that julito was making some negative comments against frida munoz in the transmission, when at that moment it appeared ‘connected’ Frida Sofia Guzmandaughter of Junior’s partner and granddaughter of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The sudden appearance of frida sofia too surprised at Juniorespecially since this she began to comment that she was already tired that he spent all his time talking badly about his mother.

The problem is between your mom and me, two adults, not children. You are not the one to say things, your mom has to show her face and no one else“, indicated the Junior before the comments of Frida Sofia Guzman.

But nevertheless, frida sofia continued to question the attitude of Chavez Junior for attacking his mother and pointed out that “they should close his account, take the phone away from this man. Many of us have seen Julio’s behavior “, published the daughter of friedto Munoz.

a long fight

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Y frida munoz they have been immersed in a fight for several months, even the pugilist has already filed for divorce, added to the fact that she alleges that her partner still does not let her see her children; while she argues that Julito has addiction problemsso he is a sick person who does not know what he is doing.

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