The day Julio César Chávez wanted to hit Carlos Zar Aguilar

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Julio César Chávez is considered one of the greatest idols of Mexican boxing, in his professional career he has reaped great triumphs, however outside the ring he also accumulates great and peculiar stories. sports commentator, Carlos Aguilar recounted an event that he starred in with the grand champion.

During an interview with Antonio de Valdés, the Tsar of boxing recounted an occasion when the grand champion tried to hit himdue to a comment he made to her about a fight.

“He has been a great teacher to me. When he first came to broadcast with us I had him at the worst moment of his addiction. Many years ago, when he fights XX in San Antonio and they give him a draw, Mr. José Sulaimán had a lot to do with that because I think he had lost the fight“, mentions Aguilar after Tone ask him about an anecdote with Chavez.

“I go to the Otomí Ceremonial Center, interview him and I told him ‘hey, it wasn’t a draw for us, I think you had lost the fight’ and he got angry, knocked over the table and ran me out of the camp. At that moment I tell the cameraman, come on, let’s go, we got in the car and he kept talking about mothers, I’m going out and he grabs a stone and throws it at me, “she added.

The fight in question dates back to September 1993, when Julio César Chávez facedAmerican Pernell Whitaker, for the World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight title.


between laughs, amBoth characters commented on what happened and later the Tsar told another anecdote and -although on this occasion there was no damage – he indicated that he threatened to kill him.

“We are broadcasting and Julio says ‘red is going to win’ and red wins the fight, I tell him ‘not my Champ, you are conjurer’and he turns around and tells me ‘you don’t tell me b…Talk to me like that again and I’ll send you to kill’. He was at his worst,” Aguilar said.

Later, the sports commentator took up his comment and explained why he considers him his teacher, since “he laughsfalls, returns to the clinic and when he returns he did it in a huge way, personally I like it”.


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