Solari reaches 50 games as the ‘ERA King’ in the last eight years

Before Mazatlan, Santiago Solari will complete 50 official matches at the head of the Americato which he arrives being the technical bluecream with greater effectiveness in the last eight years; even over others, who also reached that figure and garnered titles, such as Michael Herrera and Ignatius Ambriz.

Solari landed on Mexico to occupy the bench Eagles at Guard1anes Tournament 2021and despite the fact that in recent weeks his project was questioned due to poor results, he is the coach who has achieved the best numbers with the institution since 2014, since he has an effectiveness of 67 percent.

From then to date, only Ambriz and Herrera have been able to reach at least 50 matches as well as Solari; however, none of these had the same effectiveness: ‘Nacho’ recorded 53 percent of effectiveness, while the Piojo had 60 percent.

In the list of cream-blue strategists, names like Anthony Mohamed with the 55 percent effectiveGustavo Matosas with 56 percent and Ricardo Antony La Volpe with only 30 percentalthough none of them reached the 50 matches directed with those of Coapa.

Table of effectiveness of coaches of America

Of the 49 meetings that Solari leads to the front Eagleshas achieved win 28, draw 9 and have suffered 12 setbacks, numbers with which he has left the Azulcremas fans with a good taste in the mouth, who hope that the Argentine can take out the team of the current ‘pothole’, something that will have to be confirmed today in Mazatlan after last Saturday’s victory against Santos Laguna.

Let us remember that of the 49 matches already mentioned, in three of them Solari he was not on the bench; however, these are not left out of account because, at all times, the technician was aware of the equipment and training during the week.

The first of these was in the Day 1 of the Guard1anes 2021 before him saint Louis, which he saw from the box when he did not have his work visa ready. The second was on the date 6 of the Opening 2021in which he could not be present due to an ear infection that caused vertigo. The most recent was on the third day of this tournament before the atlasbecause the previous game was expelled, in Puebla.


Santiago Solari after an America match

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