Reynoso wanted to train Chávez Jr to avoid revenge with Canelo

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They have almost passed 5 years since Canelo Álvarez and Julio César Chávez Jr met in the ring, where many fans were left wanting to see a second chapter between them but it never happened; now him Son of the Legend would have revealed why.

As revealed by Chavez Jr.some time ago Eddy Reynosowho is part of the Canelo Team, sought him out to join his teambecause according to his words, this way he could prevent them from facing each other again, since as ‘it is dangerous and a risk for its rivals’they took care of Álvarez’s image.

Eddy Reynoso wanted Chávez Jr in the Canelo Team

Through an Instagram Live, Chávez Jr confessed that Eddy Reynoso it Contact to be his coach, because beyond being a nice gesture to help him in his career, I wanted to avoid at all costs a possible rematch in view of Canelo Alvarezbecause it is ‘an uncomfortable rival’.

“They told me, ‘We don’t want you to knock down the investment we already have with Canelo Álvarez‘. That’s why Eddy Reynoso I wanted to train myself to knock down the possibilities of one rematch forever”, confessed the Son of the Legend.

Behind this, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. mentioned that inside boxing slowly they kept him away from the spotlightbecause they saw in him great potential to monopolize the big billboards, so they ‘knocked him down’ and despite the opportunity to train with Reynoso, he He chose to go his own way.

They believed that Canelo Álvarez was going to keep everythingbut I was able to somewhat match what I wanted by getting into the game in other ways besides boxing. The system little by little was pushing me and they told me that they didn’t want me for this or that. Eddy he wants to train me He is a good person, but I prefer to go up without the condition of being there together to the (Canelo Alvarez),” he commented.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He was away from the ring for a while but resumed his career in 2021where lost against the brazilian Anderson Silva and then beat to peruvian David Zegarra; this year it is said he will fight Jake Paul.

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