Peacemaker could come to Fortnite, according to John Cena’s publication

John Cena, best known for his involvement with WWE, has built a great career outside of the wrestling business, starring in the hit HBO Max series, peacemaker, and garnering rave reviews for her performance. Now it seems that Cena could make the leap to video games, judging by a recent post on her Instagram account.

Now, John Cena’s Instagram account is a strange collection of images, posted “without explanation”. The latest image that John Cena has added to his Instagram appears to be promotional art for Fortnite showing both sides of the game world. Cena could have added the image simply because he liked it, but it’s also possible that this is his way of “advancing” her Fortnite battle royale debut at some point in the near future.

If John Cena joins Fortnite, the question remains how it will appear in the game. One possibility is that Cena is in Fortnite as himself, but it’s also possible that he’s playing a character from the game. If so, Cena would follow in the footsteps of his WWE partner The Rock, who appears in Fortnite as The Foundation.

Another possibility is that Cena will debut in Fortnite as Peacemaker. Peacemaker is a character from DC comics and there is precedent for superheroes from DC comics coming to the game. In the past this has included the likes of Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman and many more, and considering the popularity of Peacemaker it seems like he would be an obvious choice for Fortnite.

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