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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the payroll of health workers in the country will be federalized so that “they do not lack salary, benefits, that there are no delays in payment but that all workers have their card, collect on time And get your benefits.”

As part of the actions for the federalization of health services, which began last week, he said that it is expected that before the end of this year 26 entities in the country will be part of the reorganization of the health system and “order the entire health system.” workers’ pay.

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The strategy is similar to the administrative reorganization that the government of then President Enrique Peña Nieto undertook in 2014 in the education sector, when the Educational Payroll Contribution Fund (FONE) was created and the Federation regained control of the resources to pay to the teaching profession, which had been ceded to the entities after the decentralization of 1992.

Then the FONE was presented as “the great solution to all the problems of corruption” detected in the use of the fund that financed basic education, among which hundreds of cases of ghost teachers, aviators, multiple charges and cases of teachers were identified. with places in non-adjacent entities, refers to a study by Tec de Monterrey and México Evalúa.

The purpose was also to have an “orderly and transparent financing of the payroll of the personnel that occupies the positions transferred to the states.”

Now, with the announcement of the federalization of health, López Obrador indicated that visits to health centers, medical units and hospitals have already begun, where information is being collected on the conditions of the infrastructure, equipment, “if there are doctors, how many are missing, in short, a whole diagnosis”.

He said that so far, under the coordination of the director of IMSS, Zoé Robledo, this work has been carried out in 12 states. Sonora will soon be included in this diagnosis or inventory.

“It will mean hiring doctors, hiring specialists, ordering the entire payment system for health sector workers. A kind of single payroll, federalize the payroll, that they do not lack salary, benefits, that there is no delay in payment, but that all workers have their card, that they collect on time and that they have their benefits. We are already working on all of this, the same in facilities, the same in equipment and medicines.”

He added that the commitment is that by the end of this year “we will have 26 states with first-class health systems, as all Mexicans deserve, free medical care and medicines, from the bottom up, first level of care, hospital care” .

He explained that the medical services of Pemex, Issste, IMSS, Health, the states, the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of Defense work together “to build the public health system.”

He added that the federal government continues to build the hospitals that were left unfinished, “because we inherited a dump of health centers, of hospitals.”

“Since the business was there, the corruption was there, they built without planning, without taking into account that building a hospital means operating it and that if a hospital costs a billion, the operating cost could mean another billion.”


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