Williams presents its single-seater for 2022: the FW44

The British Oxfordshire team chose midday on February 15 to show the world their new place, the weapon with which they will face the new season, the change in regulations. A great absence was evident in the presentation compared to past years, although we know that it is not the only absence. The team presented its new car at the hands of its two drivers for 2022, Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi, and the group manager, Jost Capito.


The day chosen by Williams has arrived to present his new creature

Arriving at noon and although with a little delay, as usual in these presentations, the Oxfordshire team began their presentation on the chosen date. After a long countdown of almost 15 minutes, the event was introduced with a video of the brand with the pilots in a sports venue and the darkness of the place contrasted with the spotlights. After the intro, they gave way to the event, which was guided by a presenter and in the scene a lot of darkness was witnessed, among so much black in the image, or rather absences of details and colors, we could distinguish a single-seater covered by a black cloth in middle of the scene. The presenter gave way to Jost Capito, the director of Williams spoke excited and excited about this new stage that opens before everyone in the Great Circus.

After a few minutes immersed in this talk with Capito about what is coming and what it has meant for the team to work on this new single-seater, named FW44, it gave way to what is the most important moment of the event, what we all wanted to see.

The Williams drivers

The image shows the official drivers of the F1 team at the gates of the Williams house, the well-known Nicholas Latifi and the newcomer back to the category, Alexander Albon. In a vague, but very emotional way, images of the trajectories of both drivers of the Grove team begin to overlap on the screen. Once both talents were presented, the image returned to the already seen stage of the presentation, together with those already present, the presenter and Capito, the two Williams drivers joined. Unlike other presentations, on this occasion it was striking that neither Latifi nor Albon were dressed in competition overalls.

The FW44

After a few minutes of chatting with the boys and the manager, now there was nothing more important to see than the car. The image that made its way was a round and dark tunnel, in the center of the image the silhouette of a Formula 1 single-seater could be glimpsed and behind it a spotlight, but this spotlight did not leave much to be seen, it only hinted at the new lines that cars follow now, after the change in regulations. As it got closer we saw superimposed images of blueprints, tools and best of all goosebumps, historical images of the great achievements of the Williams team in the past. Between the games of light and shadow we saw how the silhouette of a pilot approached the car helmet in hand.

And just at that moment the light entered the scene to reveal the new decoration that the new Oxfordshire car wears. Nothing to see or reminiscent of the cars of recent years, dark blue almost completely dominated the design, mixing with red and light blue, thus showing the team its new face. And he did it under the motto of “a new beginning”. The event returned to the stage, along with all the protagonists, but the car that was previously hidden under the fabric was already exposed, the new design could be seen on the screen with everyone. Detailed plans of the team’s new work of art and a pleasant and explicit talk with the protagonists was what closed the presentation event of Williams Racing 2022.

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