What About Super Bowl Loser Merchandise?

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Just finished the superbowlthe members of Los Angeles Rams they began to dress championship apparela common practice year after year, which still leads to asking what happens to all those products of the losing team.

Given the loss, Cincinnati Bengals fans will not be interested in purchasing any merchandise, so everything that was ready to go out on the shelves should remain packagedalthough not for that reason in disuse.

Since 2015, the Good360 charity has been the destination for all those Super Bowl items that were not marketed, to give them a new direction, generally in areas with complicated social environments, especially in Africa, South America and the Middle East, as well as other regions in Asia.

Retail companies will allocate all these products to the organization, which will be in charge of distributing them where you consider it most pertinent.

But nevertheless, neither is it a huge amount that is handled, since the main production begins once the results are known. What also helps is that other organizations like MLB they also collaborate, in addition to the millions of dollars they receive from donors.

“They are usually only a few thousand items for each event that are produced in advance,” explained Shari Rudolph, director of marketing for Good360 to the Los Angeles Times.

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