Toyota presented a new Hilux GR-Sport more powerful than the conventional

Toyota prepares to present the Hilux GR-Sport in Argentinaa sports pick-up developed by the special engineering team Gazoo Racing. Although in the past already offerednow will come restyling of the well-known model.

Abroad was presented worldwide (Thailand), but also it was released in other markets such as Japan and aesthetically it was not the same (the same thing happened in Europe). Beyond the aesthetic changes, one of the main modifications were the suspensionsas is often the case with the models offered under the GR-Sport development.

But nevertheless, motorization in some markets would remain the same, as is generally the case with other Gazoo Racing vehicles. Now, as revealed by IOL Motoring, there will be some countries that will have the same 2.8 liter turbodiesel engine already known in the conventional versions with 204 hp, although in the GR-Sport variant it would amount to 224 hp.

Toyota Hilux GR SPORT

One of those markets will be South Africa.. Regarding power, Leon Theron, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Toyota South Africa Motors, revealed that an engine with more horsepower was one of the customer’s needs.

Now we just have to wait to know what will happen in our country when this configuration lands on the local market (it is being tested in our region). In the past, A GR Sport version with a 238 hp V6 engine was already offered, although we will have to be attentive to see what will happen now. Regarding the competition, Ford Ranger Raptor has a mechanics of 213 hp, while the Volkswagen Amarok V6 amounts to 258 hp.

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