The reason why Guzmán would be deleted from Almada’s scheme in Pachuca

Guzmán would be a bench against Querétaro
Guzmán would be a bench against Querétaro

The Tuzos from Pachuca They continue with their good moment at the beginning of Clausura 2022 where they have achieved nine points so far after last season was not what they expected. Everything changed with the arrival of the Uruguayan coach, William AlmadaWell, they changed the face of the offensive.

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players like Nicolas Ibanez, Aviles Hurtado and Romario Ibarra They have looked good in this contest. Well, they have formed an offensive with a lot of imbalance and efficiency because Almada has found to motivate his players.

But nevertheless, William Almada He has made it clear that some mistakes that he has seen still need to be improved, so he would not rule out making changes to his starting eleven. It must be remembered that for this season they have obtained several interesting reinforcements.

One of those who could change the face of the offensive and correct the small mistakes that Guillermo Almada commented on is the Colombian Jesus Trindade. Well, he has shown a good offensive game and would replace Víctor Guzmán in the match against Querétaro.

Why would Víctor Guzmán leave?

The offensive midfielder of the Tuzos has not had a great tournament compared to his teammates in the attack because he has had a hard time adapting to the electrifying rhythm of those led by Almada, so he could come out against Queretaro by Trinity.

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