The new order from Ordiales to Reynoso that caused the annoyance in Cruz Azul

Ordiales would have asked Reynoso to protect some players
Ordiales would have asked Reynoso to protect some players

Jaime Ordiales He has taken his place as sports director of Cruz Azul and would have already given his first orders that did not sit well in the sky-blue dressing room and especially for the Peruvian coach, John ReynosoWell, I would have taken this personally.

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The sky-blue will have their first duel of the Concachampions against Forge FC of Canada where they will seek victory after the comeback they suffered against the Necaxa Rays on date 5. Therefore, Reynoso would have already received a direct order from Ordiales.

And it is necessary to remember that both characters do not have a good relationship and even the Peruvian coach assured at the press conference of the Necaxa match that they are not friends, so this order would not have been taken well nor would the players who were affected .

Well, for the call of Reynoso for the duel of the Concachampions he had to leave out several players so they had to stay in Mexico City where they will have separate training sessions for the squad that will play the match on Wednesday, February 16.

Which players did Reynoso leave out of the call?

They are two pillars of the celestial, Pablo Aguilar and Carlos Rodriguez, who did not make the trip because the board asked them to rest and work separately after they had a physical overload. Although it was for his own good, this decision would not have been made by Reynoso, which sparked controversy within the institution.

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