Santiago Muñoz already debuted with Newcastle

The stage of Santiago Munoz in European soccer. The Mexican striker officially made his debut with the Newcastle Unitedafter having waited months to present himself with the shirt of the English team.

Muñoz was signed by the newcastle for this transfer market, coming from Santos. His debut was somewhat expected but he suffered an injury that sidelined him for some time. That is why February 14, 2022 will remain in Santi’s memory forever, as it was the day he appeared on the Old Continent.

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Santiago Munoz goal

Santiago Muñoz debuts with Newcastle

surprised to see Santiago Munoz in the convocation of Newcastle U23 which would be measured Huddersfield Town. The Mexican did not start as a starter but it was the first time that he was part of at least the bench of the English team.

It was in August 2021 when the signing of Muñoz with the newcastle. From the beginning it was made known that he was coming to the U-23 team. A month later he was introduced to the team and subsequently suffered the injury that prevented him from making his debut.

It was until 64 minutes when Santiago Munoz made his debut in a Newcastle shirt. The Mexican entered by Trialist, when the newcastle I already lost it 2-0. The club boasted the entrance of the striker, remembering that he was one of the signings that caused the most noise on social networks, due to the similarity with the name of Santiago Munez.

The ideal path for Santiago Muñoz would be to win the starting job with the U-23, have good performances and then, yes, think about the first team. Reaching the Premier League is perhaps a long road, but it would be important in a year in which the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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