Juan Pablo Vigón, revival – Luis Garcia

Your story is extremely inspiring, one of those fables that must always be told, that must be made known, because without a doubt, you are the perfect example of perseverance, foolishness and an iron will.

Today you are the undisputed starter in the midst of a horde of national and international figures, both in quality and quantity, fighting for a position in the starting eleven of this club is a titanic task.

In midfield and on offense the honorable surnames of Pizarro, Dueñas, De Souza, Soteldo, Córdova, Thauvin, Gignac, López, González, Quiñones, and others are a brutal synonym of internal competition, you neglect yourself for a second and you are ostracized without the slightest blush.

Well, at present, you are a benchmark in the field, the good performance of the Tigers is largely due to your way of understanding, expressing and thinking about the game. You are a ductile soccer player, who knows how to travel in various areas of the field and exercise multiple demarcations with great efficiency and notoriety.

On Saturday against Chivas, in the bright walk they gave Guadalajara, which made it look ridiculous and made it look like an entity of a lower category, you were one of the best, if not the best, choreographer of the dance they staged.

You played a few meters above the majestic duo of Guido and Rafael, and from there you managed to appear every so often as the second center forward alongside André-Pierre, what’s more, when the French artist left the area to play as emitter, the only one who understood that he had to step on the area from behind was you, you gave a damn lesson on how to arrive at the empty enemy area and always in advantage.

But only attending to your beautiful present, it would be unfair with your effort in previous and not so beautiful times, your success rests and goes back to the constant battles that you have been fighting since 2012 when you debuted in your beloved Atlas, a brotherhood in which you had three stages, and not as pleasant as the recent one.

While the nickname of ‘Capitán Vigón’ was not free, like nothing you have achieved, your various abilities did not merge in a significant way with the collective, so much so that you had to abandon the love.

But before that, you were trying to stay afloat in Chiapas Futbol Club and in Cafetaleros de Tapachula, you had a short stay in both organizations, but they represented a good omen for your future, you began to seek to survive instead of evolving. Until you came to the University Pumas, some decimated Pumas, who ended up assembling great semesters and surprising everyone, and one of the rectors of that revolution, rebellion, or madness, however you want to point it out, was you.

The caciques are getting stronger, learning and growing along the way, but they have a special race and lineage that cannot be bought in a pharmacy, a natural gift that in any group, good or bad, is noticeable, it is imposed. You are one of those men, who naturally have developed leadership that makes your colleagues line up behind you.

Being the boss in that old Atlas, Chiapas, Tapachula and in the weak Pumas of the time when you arrived, is simpler, doing it in the powerful and wonderful Tower of Babel that is Tigres, sends balls and other things.

I celebrate your triumph, because I insist, you have forged it based on many falls and scars, you never stopped fighting, rebelling against the shadows in which you were, you never stopped moving, you accepted your defeats, but you got back into the ring, you wanted to fight again, and at the end of the day that tenacity combined with cacumen and talent have made you one of the best Mexican soccer players in our League today.

I am certain that they have been slow in launching a center for the National Team, without a doubt you would solve several issues of creativity, intelligence and wisdom to understand the game.


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