‘He has the personality that we like in America’

The name of Alfredo Tena was engraved with golden letters in the history of the America club and have achieved 26 official goals In his position as a defender, he will always be synonymous with pride and satisfaction, but also a brand that remained intact for several decades and was barely equaled by Bruno Valdez last Saturday in Torreón by taking a penalty that opened the key to victory. In his words only there is admiration.

I admire a lot Bruno, I saw him work very closely when I was in the Basic Forces of the America and he was in an exceptional moment; whenever there was a corner or a set piece I stared at him because he knew he was a major danger to the opponents. gives me Nice to meet you that he scores goals, especially that they mean three points like the game on Saturday that gave confidence to the equipment and stability.

“He is a great defender who has the personality and identity that we Americanists like, he worked hard as long as he went to the Paraguayan national team He came back with great enthusiasm. The knee injury came, but it seems that she is coming out and we hope that she takes the level that she had with Miguel (Herrera). He scored very important goals in decisive moments and hopefully he continues to score for the good of the group”, he pointed out to RECORD Captain Fury.

Bruno Valdez celebrating a goal

Seeing yourself reached in the record does not generate no kind of feeling adverse, and shares some of the similarities and differences he sees with the Paraguayan defender while he was active as a professional.

“Us we look like we entered and we didn’t mind ‘running over’ someone, we were like catapults to find the ball. I think he has best heading technique than me and a very precise blow. He is taller and he is lucky that today there are curtains and people who make spaces that give the possibility of rush more and be able to connect more strongly.

“Before, the stopped ball was not practiced so much and sometimes the one who was closer to the corner He was the one who focused. Currently all the teams work a lot stopped ball, they do it for hours and there is a specialist in services or players who do not come into contact with the ball and are decoys that serve to open spaces. With so much evolution, the defender has more chances of scoring goals and if you head as well how Bruno does it is better”, indicated Tena.


Alfredo Tena prior to a Liga MX Final

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