Guanajuato is one of the five states where medicine is most expensive

Leon, Guanajuato. Guanajuato occupies the fifth position at the national level among the states where the drug is sold at more expensive prices.

In the entity, medicines registered an annual growth of 7.20%, a figure that exceeds general inflation, which was 7.07%.

Antibiotics are some of the drugs that have doubled in price: Lincomycin, Ceftriaxone and Trixone among them.

In addition to the increase, the shortage is added, agreed pharmacy employees consulted.

The drugs used in the pandemic, such as antibiotics and syrups, doubled their prices, he explained. Martina Contreras Lopez, collaborator of the Maru pharmacy.

He explained that the antibiotic Trixone It went from 75 to 115 pesos, an increase of 85%, the direct price at which it was obtained was 98 pesos.

He said that his distributor limited the number of boxes he could buy, out of 20 boxes they only sold 5 units.

For example the Chlorphenamine Composite was at 8 pesos, currently it is sold at 25 pesos, more than double its original price, detailed

With desperation, people must buy the medicine at more than double, “acknowledged the employee.

He specified that the restriction of the distributor was applied as a measure to prevent it from being monopolized. He said that at the distribution point the shelves were emptied, the medicines were transferred to the warehouse and from there they were given only a certain number of boxes.

Contreras Lopez stated that vitamins also increased their price, the B complex became scarce and its price rose. From being at 20 pesos it went to 45.

The first two weeks of January ibuprofen, and in general the children’s medicine began to be missing from the shelves. The Ampicillin and the syrup Ambroxol they are missing, he said.

The first two weeks of January were exasperating due to the shortage and the increase in the medicine,” said the employee who has more than 30 years of experience.

Stop dispensing medicine

In the Señor de los Milagros pharmacy, Ceftriaxone increased 300%, the antibiotic went from 15 to 60 pesos as a result of the shortage, he explained. Alexander Gaonathis product is no longer on your shelf.

He explained that the infant syrup ibuprofen increased 30%, currently it is at 40 pesos.

He said that in the pharmacy they offer patent and generic medicine, and specified that from November of last year to January the medicines have been on the rise, they are also scarce.

He explained that the pharmaceutical chains monopolize the medicine, the small pharmacies buy 50 pieces, against the 5 thousand units that the chains absorb.

They also pointed out that the syrup Benzonatate is scarce.

In the Famarama pharmacy, antibiotics add up to a 30% increase, explained the person in charge of the business.

antibiotics like Amoxicillin, Azithromycin and Clarithromycin They are among the products that have increased the most as a result of the pandemic and winter.

He explained that although the increases range from 3 to 5 pesos per box, they also impact the pockets of their clients.

Affects inflation

At the national level, medicines reported an increase of 4.5% at the cutoff of January 2021, compared to the same month of 2020. This according to the National Consumer Price Index carried out by Inegi.

The state of Warrior occupies the first position with an increase of 11.39% in medicines, the highest rate in the country. follows him Tlaxcala with an inflation in this product of 9.69%.


Percentage of inflation in medicines

Entity % inflation

Warrior 11.39%

Tlaxcala 9.69%

Hidalgo 8.82%

Sinaloa 7.35%


List of medicines with price increase, (in consulted pharmacies)

Lincomycin 80 to 250

Trixone 75 to 115

Complex B 20 to 45

Ceftriaxone 15 to 60

Chlorphenamine 8 to 25

Paracetamol 5 to 15

Amoxicillin 108 to 115

Azithromycin 104 to 107

Clarithromycin 109 to 115


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