F1 will have 3 Sprint races in 2022; the pole does not move and they will give more points

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced that three races will be held in the 2022 Formula 1 season Sprinton the Saturdays of the Emilia Romagna, Austria and Brazil Grand Prix, in which there will be a greater number of points to be distributed among the drivers and teams.

Through a statement, the FIA ​​announced that the benefits that the Sprint format brought to the competition were studied and it was concluded that three is the ideal number to carry them out, because the teams already have a significant load with the regulatory changes of 2022 in a season of 23 Grand Prix.

Another important change is that in 2021, when this format was introduced, the winner obtained 3 points, second place 2 and third place 1. Now the points system will distribute the first 8 as follows.

1.- 8

2.- 7

3.- 6

Four. Five

5.- 4

6.- 3

7.- 2

8.- 1

After consultation with the teams, the resolution was also reached that the Pole Position of Sunday’s race will not be defined by the result of the Sprint as in 2021, but will be the Friday qualifying session with Q1, Q2 and Q3 which will give the starting order for the Grand Prix, regardless of how the Sprint ends.


In 2021, a torrential rain that fell on the circuit of Spa Francorchamps at the Belgian Grand Prix, made the F1 race direction make controversial decisions such as awarding half the points, when there was no race, only a parade of cars after the safety car, therefore in 2022 no points will be awarded for the championship if they are not completed at least two turns without a flagship car.

Thus, it is also considered that if the race leader completes more than two laps but less than 25 per cent of the Grand Prix distance The distribution of units will be as follows:

1.- 6

2.- 5

3. 4

4.- 3

5.- 2

6.- 1

Later, if more than 25 percent of stroke is exceeded, but less than 50 Points will be awarded as follows:

1.- 13

2.- 10

3.- 8

4.- 6

5.- 5

6.- 4

7.- 3

8.- 2

9.- 1

In case 50% of the GP distance is completed, but less than 75 eThis would be the distribution of units for the championships.

1.- 19

2.- 14

3.- 12

4.-. 9

5.-. 8

6.- 6

7.- 5

8.-. 3

9.- 2

10.-. one

These decisions still need to be approved by the Motor Sport Commission.

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