Everything you need to improve your game in Minecraft PVP

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Minecraft is the game that has remained the most popular among the gaming community and the most popular servers, which tend to be used more every day by hundreds of gamers.

If you are starting out in the Minecraft world, it is important that you know the tricks that will make you grow as a player, and stand out from the crowd.

Practice with a CPS server

If you are one of the thousands of players who invest hours in the game every day in search of improving their technique, the ideal option is cps test a game designed to measure the number of clicks per second we make with the mouse during our game.

By means of Click Speed, a meter that is activated for a certain time, the most applied being 5 seconds, we are going to calculate the click speed of our mouse and know if we are at the limits of a good player, or if we need more training.

Employ a PVP client

Using a dedicated PVP client is almost a mandatory requirement in the PVP community and other people who care about their gaming performance. Clients like Feather, Lunar and Badlion have been designed with multiple optimizations that allow us to instantly increase FPS.

Among the utility modifications that it includes we can find the hotkeys and automatic access, automatic speed run, the CPS counter and the armor durability indicator.

Use a texture pack

PVP texture packs are the most popular when fighting with weapon opponent in Minecraft PVP games.

These texture packs also include various optimizations that contribute to increased FPS levels, a critical factor for excellence in PVP performance.

The strafing technique

Strafing can become the fundamental technique to compete with the best of the highest levels because it is one of the most important to play Minecraft PVP. Adopting this technique as a habit will not be complicated if we practice it frequently.

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