Alpha Tauri presents its car for 2022: the AT03

The men of Alpha Tauri have unveiled their car for the 2022 season on the morning of February 14. They have done it through a video in which, as is usual in the Faenza team, they have combined the new design of the racing car with images from the brand’s spring-summer collection. The AT03 repeats the colors of its predecessor, opting for dark blue and white. Under the motto “The style of a new era”, the Italians have shown the model car with which they intend to take a step forward in the fight for the upper-middle area of ​​the grid.

As technical novelties, we appreciate a cooling inlet with a flat square area and a clean lower area with a cut. We also see a lowered pontoon, still without gills, and a central cooling outlet. As far as the front wing is concerned, it ends in a long point and with the first plane fixed to the nose and not to the second element. Also, the single-seater has adjustable laps and a plate with cuts. It is still early to determine if Alpha Tauri’s bet for this year will be up to the task, but on a visual level the impact has been quite positive in general terms.

AT03 presentation ceremony

Pierre Gasly, pilot of Alpha Tauri:

“I think that this season we will have to face it with an open mind, being prepared for any situation. It is a new beginning for all the teams, which are practically starting from scratch, since we are facing a new scenario. It will be a great challenge for everyone to find a way to build the best possible car to comply with the new regulations.. I hope it goes very well for us. I have no doubts about the ability of our team and so far they are quite satisfied with the work they have done. Like everyone else, they have been working on it for many months, but it’s hard to get an idea of ​​what to expect until the car hits the track in Barcelona for the first time. Then we will get an idea of ​​how the car behaves and how we look compared to others. I’m sure this season will be full of surprises.”

“I will try to take advantage of the run of very good results that I have had and continue to be at the top with the car that I have. I really hope this is a year where I can fight at the front, to regularly finish in the top five and even higher if the car is good enough for it. We must be prepared to face any situation that arises. So, mentally, I have prepared myself to face any possible scenario and, personally, I will push the team to always give their best. Last year we were very close to fifth place in the Constructors and it would be great to do so this year. It’s too early to say if it will be possible, but I will always give my best and get the most out of our car.”

“Aesthetically, the tires are a big change. They also make the cars heavier and affect the way you drive, and I think they add another element and challenge to the rest of the changes to the cars. TThey also slightly reduce visibility from the cabin, especially with those new hubcaps.. This, along with all the other changes to the car, means that there will be a lot of work to do in free practice each race weekend.”

Yuki Tsunoda, pilot of Alpha Tauri:

“I really want to compete again. I feel like I understand what I have to do much better than I did a year ago, I know how to prepare myself to perform well. I know what my weak points are, I have all the experience of last year to draw on and I have worked hard to be prepared. Last year, if something unexpected or unusual happened, I couldn’t adapt quickly enough to deal with the situation, and that’s why I had problems in many races. Last season I finished well with fourth place in Abu Dhabi, so I want to carry that momentum into this new season. Now I feel more pressure to perform than last year, but it’s a good pressure that motivates me when it comes to training.”

The team is still adapting much of the wind tunnel data for the simulator.So even though it’s not full spec, it gave me a similar feel to the car we used in the Abu Dhabi test at the end of last season. Obviously the level of downforce is lower than last year and I could feel it in some corners. In general, I have had a good impression of the work in the simulatorso now we will see in the Barcelona tests how the car moves on the track.”

“I have had many opportunities that I would not have had without Honda and I have learned a lot. I owe them a lot and, together with Red Bull, they are an integral part of my development as a driver.. I will do my best to reward you with a good performance. I will miss some of the people we used to work with, but I am sure we will be able to benefit from the same reliable and powerful power unit that we had last year. I will also miss Honda’s hospitality in the paddock, I won’t be able to enjoy a good Japanese breakfast there! It was part of my routine to start the day like this and motivate myself.”

Franz Tost, head of Alpha Tauri:

“A completely new Technical Regulation means that all the teams have had to design this new generation of cars from scratch, from a blank piece of paper. Although everything is quite restricted by the regulations, it is possible that a team has found a very special solution and therefore has a performance advantage. It is not easy to estimate where the teams will be because everything is new, from the mechanical part to the aerodynamics, although I personally hope that the cars will be closer. Realistically, we will only have an idea of ​​the performance of the Scuderia Alpha Tauri after the first tests, and we will have to wait until after the first two or three races to get a better idea“.

“I think the cost cap will have an effect, because this year it has been reduced by five million more. It should make a difference, but as the big teams were able to benefit from more people until last summer, of course they had a advantage. They were able to do a lot more research and development work, especially using simulation tools, and they were able to try several different design philosophies to find the best solution for them. Therefore, it could be the case that the leading teams still have an advantage, but the difference between the leading teams and the rest should be smaller and all cars are expected to be much closer together. With this new era of cars, we should have more action on the track and a more compact grid, which means more fun for the spectators.”

I think the full effect of the cost cap will only be seen in 2023 with a further reduction in the budget, because at that point neither team will have an advantage, and everyone will have to take care to stay within the cost limit. Last year, the cost cap did not bother us at all, as we were operating at a much lower level, but it seems that these completely new cars are much more expensive than those of previous years. This will make it difficult for all the teams to stay within the limits, but it will help bring the cars closer together in terms of performance, and I think that is very positive.”

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