Young Russian sentenced to prison for “terrorism” case in Minecraft

Although many believe that there is impunity for acts committed on the line, there is no shortage of cases that prove the opposite, especially if you live in a country like Russia. For example, a Siberian court sentenced a 16-year-old to five years in prison in a “terrorism” case that included activity within the game Minecraft.

Strictly, the user carried out plans together with two other friends of add the building of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia within one of the most downloaded games in the world “Minecraft” to then allow other players to exploit it. Of course, it was not the only thing he found as proof of his rebellion against the local government.

An extreme case that includes Minecraft

Nikita Uvarov

Nikita Uvarov is the protagonist of one of the most ridiculous cases in memory

The Military Court of the First Eastern District in the Krasnoyarsk region sentenced Nikita Uvarov on February 10 with charges of illegal possession of weapons and undergoing training for the implementation of a terrorist acta, something that occurred during the fall of 2020 when the young man was only 14 years old.

The other two defendants in the case were convicted of illegal possession of weapons and sentenced to suspended prison terms of three years and four years., respectively. For their part, prosecutors had requested a nine-year prison term for Uvarov and six years for the other defendants.

The arrest occurred when the three were distributing leaflets in support of Azat Miftakhov.a mathematician who was in custody at the time and was later sentenced to six years in prison in January 2021 on terrorism charges.

Russian investigators later found chats on their mobiles that “had proven” that the trio planned to add the FSB building to the Minecraft game and blow it up there. There was also criticism of the Federal Security Service in their conversations, while in their free time they read banned books, made firecrackers and set them off in abandoned buildings in his hometown of Kansk.

Uvarov was uncooperative with investigators since his arrest and he spent eleven months in pretrial detention before being released last year to finish ninth grade at school. “It was painful for me to see how my country oppresses people, civil rights activists, who want the best for the country and defend its well-being. Now, unfortunately, I myself am experiencing the despotism of the unjust collaborators of the system,” assured the young man.

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