The Elche parricide who killed his parents and brother is cold, shy and was hooked on ‘Fortnite’

The 15-year-old teenager who shot his parents and brother to death in Elche because they punished him without a game console and Wi-Fi had no psychiatric history

The minor who starred in the terrible triple homicide in the family home in Elche last Friday was very hooked on the video game ‘Fortnite’, very popular among young people. The first investigations seem to confirm that Santi, 15, attacked his family after his mother decided to deprive him of the game console and Wi-Fi as punishment for lowering his academic performance. In the institute where he studied Secondary, classmates, friends and teachers are devastated and surprised by the tragedy since they define the young man as a “normal” student who had never been involved in incidents or violent acts.

Police sources revealed the “consternation” felt by the investigators at the “coldness” with which he confessed to the crimes and the “lack of repentance” shown by the minor, of whom there is no knowledge of a psychiatric history or some type of pathological alteration. They have been able to verify that the minor was “very active” in this video game -which is played ‘online’ with friends- and had a great presence on social networks, when in person he is a “shy” boy. In this course, the parricide’s grades had plummeted, a poor academic performance that some relatives linked to the excessive number of hours he dedicated to the video console.

“Children misuse the internet because there is no parental control”

in a juvenile center

In the last few hours, some more details of the circumstances surrounding the triple crime have become known. The minor used his father’s hunting gun to shoot dead, first his mother – with whom he had just had an argument over the punishment he had imposed on her – and then his brother, when he went to see what was happening after hearing the shots. The father arrived two hours later at the family home, located in the district of Algora. Santi was waiting for him armed and shot him as soon as he got out of the vehicle. For three days he lived with the corpses, which he hid in an old garage. Santi explained to his high school classmates that he was not going to class because he was “isolated by Covid.”

“Spain is the European country with the most youth mental health problems”

Some neighbors in the area heard the shots, but thought they were rockets. They reported that the four members of the family used to go out together to ride bicycles in the area and that they never witnessed fights or arguments with the boy.

The teenager was made available to the Alicante Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office yesterday morning. The procedure establishes that they cannot be detained for more than 24 hours without being transferred to a judicial headquarters to be heard by the Public Ministry. At mid-morning came the decision that was to be expected given the magnitude of his criminal action: the Juvenile Court of Alicante, which was on duty, attended to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and agreed to his internment in a closed regime. After a while, a van from the National Police took him to a center for socio-educational measures specializing in adolescents. The Elche City Council, on which the district in which the minor resided depends, has declared three days of official mourning. The mayor, Carlos González, assured that he “feels dismayed” by some incomprehensible events” that “have shocked the entire city.”

The 15-year-old after committing the crime in Elche:

The minor faces a future without a family and forced to face his coming of age in a juvenile center. Circumstances very similar to the traced background that was experienced in Murcia 22 years ago when José Rabadán, known as the ‘katana killer’, took the lives of his parents and his sister when he was barely 16 years old. The young man was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison. Six were spent in a juvenile center and two more, under probation.

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