Marco García reappeared at the University Olympic


García watched the game of his teammates and now he will continue with his recovery in Cantera.

The midfielder is coming back little by little
© picture 7The midfielder is coming back little by little

Yesterday’s day at University Olympic Stadium not only had as its main attraction the great victory of Cougars about Lionsomething that had not happened since 2017, but the auriazules fans enjoyed the return of Dario Veron to the stadium. But the defender was not the only one who approached CU.


As soon as they located him, the cameras followed Verón’s every movement in the University Olympic. However, the former footballer was not the only university figure who was present and there was a player who is absent from this tournament who also saw his teammates again.

Through his Instagram account, Marco Garcia He shared a photograph in which he could be seen singing the Goya along with the rest of the fans, although not in the Cauldron, as if Darío Verón did.

The midfielder started the Closure 2022 at a very good level, but suffered a fracture in the duel on the second day against Querétaro and will miss a large part of the championship.

The good news is that, during the last week, the auriazul youth squad was in CU to begin his recovery, so perhaps García can make his return to the courts sooner than expected.

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