Chapo Montes and his great display of fair play in Pumas vs León

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A few weeks after a controversial play in women’s soccer, Much has been said about fair play around Mexican football, being specifically protagonists Atlético de San Luis and Toluca. However, during the Pumas vs León from matchday 5 of the Clausura 2022, Luis Montes gave a clear example of what fair play should be.

At minute 89, a dispute for the ball between the Shorty Montes and Washington Corozo ended with the expulsion for the Pumas player; the referee did not hesitate to show him the red card in the final stretch of the match.

However, Montes quickly got up, went to the whistler and pointed out that Corozo had not hit him in the face -which was apparently the reason for his expulsion- but had hit him on the handso the referee took away the red card and only warned him without having to go to VAR.

Given this, Both the match commentators and the fans present at the University Olympics celebrated the midfielder’s gesture and they applauded him.

Notably León lost 2-1 and this expulsion now left them with an advantage of players on the pitchsince previously a player had already been expelled from each team.

Finally, although León pressed was not enough and Pumas kept the victory by 2-1 on matchday 5 of the Clausura 2022 of Liga MX with goals from Rogeiro and Palermo Ortíz.


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