Barça survives the Catalan derby, but is condemned heading to Mestalla without Piqué and with Araujo in doubt

Luck punished Espanyol in a bad way in a derby that caressed until the last breath. He played more for Barça, he dominated and attacked… But when he had to kill the game he was not successful. He arrived in the area unconvinced and without a shot until, desperate, Xavi put in a striker in search of a miracle and Luuk de Jong, once again, came to the rescue at the decisive moment. He was right and saved the furniture.

Probably because of the game, chances and football, Xavi’s team deserved to win the derby. Not because of desire, heart and faith. On that side of the scale, Espanyol was the smaller team that deserved the most to take home the win.

There were minutes in which Barça seemed so superior, with the score 0-1 during the first half, that they only expected the coup de grâce that would definitively sink the rival… But after waiting so long without entering to crush gave life to the rival.

And with RDT and Darder in front, eager to demonstrate all the football they carry in their boots, the punishment for Barça’s passivity (yellow in the game dress) came close to halftime.

By then Araújo was already limping, injured several minutes ago, and Xavi managed to bring in Èric García in his place, as solvent in the ball out and in the combination game as tender in defensive tasks. And so, in an error of concept, placement and surveillance, his sin caused the parakeet delirium with Darder’s long shot and RDT’s great goal.




Equality of Barcelona in the last match against Espanyol.

Espanyol savored the glory against an incredulous and hallucinated Barça and they already played it to the desperate Xavi giving entrance to Luuk de Jong, the last in line behind Ferran and Adama, Aubameyang and Dembélé, even usually it is understood that behind Barithwaite. With only two minutes until the 90th minute and what the lengthening referee estimated.

And caused the impossible. They are the miraculous goals of him. As in Mallorca or Granada, the Dutch giant hit with his imperial header in the last breath to avoid the KO of a Barça already out of his mind, without knowing what was happening to be rescued, precisely, by a player who in nothing, absolutely nothing, he adapts to the game that his coach intends, who should thank him, and not a little, for his desperate rescue.


He managed to avoid the disaster and went to the booth, in the end, without fully understanding what had happened. “We concede too much” recognized Xavi, who asked for “self-criticism” and warned that they lacked the strength to achieve the 0-2 that would probably have sentenced the derby.

And now… To Mestalla without Piqué, suspended, without Alves, suspended, and most likely without Araújo, injured, to leave the defense even more lame than one might already think in another highly demanding visit to Valencia in a League that It seems to be a path full of thorns for Barça.

Luck smiled on him… on a night that, having to take advantage of the leader’s draw at Villarreal, ended up having a bittersweet taste.

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