Alpha Tauri presents the AT03, single-seater with which it will compete in 2022

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Alpha Tauri wastes no time and this monday presented the single-seater with which he will fight for the glory of F1 in 2022. The car will be named AT03, which will not be sponsored by Red Bull (team owner) in the technical section. It will certainly be a interesting challenge for Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gaslywho dreams of assaulting the first places.

As in the presentations of many other teams, the featured images by the Italian team they are only renders of the single-seater that will run every Sunday in 2022, however, it should not be ruled out that some details will remain in the final version of the AT03 design.

Technical details of the AT03

this car will have a very long and flattened nose, which will be connected to the foreground of the front wing. The cone can be seen very fine, however, this detail will vary depending on the needs of the equipment.

the italian squad will continue to have a Honda engine, agreement that will be in force until 2025 thanks to the collaboration and support that the Japanese manufacturer will give to Red Bull and, with it, to its affiliated squads, such as Alpha Tauri.

About the next campaign, Pierre Gasley He assured that he will do everything possible to be in the top 5: “My way of facing the season will be the same as that of 2021. I will try to continue the good run of solid results and hit the car key again. I hope be able to fight higher this year and finish in the top five regularly, but will have to see if the car is good enough for that. We have to be able to deal with any situation that comes our way.”

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