Almada criticizes Liga MX coaches for trusting and signing foreigners

With three years of experience in Mexican soccer and more than a decade as a coach, William Almada has become known, both in Uruguay, Ecuador and Mexico, for the work and confidence it gives young playerssomething that characterized him during his outstanding time at Saints and now in the surprising Pachuca.

In an interview for Mediotiempo, the strategist explained that works this way since began his career as DT in 2009even though they generally coaches prefer not to take the risk of betting on young footballers and instead “opt for the easy one” by hiring foreigners or more experienced players.

“I think that many coaches choose for the most easywithout criticizing anyone because everyone plans as one understands, but sometimes think of the foreign or Mexican player with the most experience so that there is no room for errorbut I like to trust, as much as we need experienced players for a balance with the youngsters”, he commented.

The style Almada has become clear as effective at this beginning of the Closure 2022since the Tuzos could be super leaders if they beat Querétaro tonight in his party date 5which would be unexpected since Pachuca did not even advance to the league the previous tournament, when the Uruguayan had not yet arrived with the team from Hidalgo.

The big difference is trusting the material. Here (in Pachuca) there are very good soccer players and you have to trust them. Sometimes one has need about what some soccer player contribution in the First Division and the first thing that comes to mind is to bring a foreigner or an experienced player. We have a different vision. We like to look inside”, he added.


Almada it was dismissed from Santos behind the elimination in Last Liguilla quarterfinalsbut just 48 hours later he had already signed with the Tuzos for him Closure 2022. With this good treatment, he considered that Mexican soccer is the most powerful and competitive in America, and that it is only behind the five biggest leagues in Europe.

you have a wonderful country, spectacular. As a coach I have learned many things along the way, I have no doubt that Mexican soccer is among the most important of the world. Not with the spread it has Italy or Spain, but it is very competitive, enjoyable and is among the top leagues in the world, after the top five in Europe”, he assured.

“In Uruguay the Mexican soccer is well known. Mexican soccer is economically powerful, much more powerful than the Uruguayan and of the most important in America, so in our youth we had the goal of reaching Mexican soccer.”


On his arrival at Pachuca after two years with Saintsthe charrúa said that the whole process was “half crazy”, since only two days after saying goodbye to Torreón reached an agreement with the Tuzos, team to which the former striker also arrived as Sports Director Ivan Alonso, an old acquaintance who tried to hire him when he was a manager at the National of Uruguay.

We quickly changed the chip and even though Pachuca He wanted us to take a vacation, we wanted to get involved quickly, ”he revealed.

Almadawho started as coach in 2009 with the Tacuarembo of the Charrúa league, detailed how was the relationship of several years with Alonsowhom he met as a rival on the pitch before he retired and began coaching.

“Even if I’m a little older than him we coincide in a club, we live together in our stage as footballers. When he was as sports director of Nacional try hire me at some point, we had an interview and we agree in many things of our football thinking and of basic forces“, he pointed.

When he was in Europe, in the club that he was born that is River Plate from Uruguaywhich later I had to direct, he came to train on vacation. We met and we had to face each other at some point in Uruguayan football”.

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