Summary of the match Chelsea vs Palmeiras (2-1). GOALS

Chelsea could finally be Club World Champion by beating 2-1 palm trees of Brazil, on a night where the VAR and the hands were main actors.

already in the 2012 the chance was gone Blues to win the Mundialito, that time he won the Corinthians And now he was looking for revenge.

The match was closed and that is why it was defined with two penalty goals in hands, one per team. Kai Havertz was once again a figure with Chelsea by scoring the title goal in extra time in Abu Dhabi.

Palmeiras started better, some centers to the area until at minute 24, Dudu He made a shot that went over the top and before the break, the English responded with Thiago Silva and a shot that put to work Weverton with a good stretch.

Already in the second half, Chelsea tried at 49′, Anthony Rudiger I deal with a long shot that goes over the top.

The scoring opened at 54′ when Romelu Lukaku he scored inside the box with a solid header. It was a good move to the left of Callum Hudson-Odoiwho left a chocolate on his head so that the Belgian could make it 1-0.

It was the best moment of the English and Christian Pulisic He made a shot at 57′ which went over the side.

A few minutes later came the play that revived the Brazilians. The 61 ‘center ran to the area to Gustavo Gomezbut Thiago Silva put his hand in From the beginning the duel continued until he called the VAR and a penalty was scored.

At 63′, Rafael Veiga he scored it by cashing it down to the left side of the goal of the Chelsea.

those of London they were hit and tried to shake off and came close to 79′ when Kai Havertz he made a shot without much angle and passed close.

in overtime, Pulisic He put it to the post at 100 ‘in a play where he was out of place. In the final part of extra time, Marcos Rocha he took a goal from him Hakim Zyech to 112′.

Seconds later there was a hand in the area of palm trees, Luan in a shot of C├ęsar Azpilicuetaagain they let her continue and the VAR he called the referee who marked him at 115′.

Havertz he took the ball and scored at 116′ to give Chelsea a 2-1 lead.

In the final part the Brazilians wanted more they could not, and were left with 10 men for one Expulsion to Luan at 125′. in the lack, Chelsea it didn’t do any more damage palm trees that fell into Abu Dhabi.

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