Summary Cruz Azul vs. Necaxa (1-2). goals

What seemed to be a breath of fresh air for Blue Crossafter a week that placed them in the eye of the hurricane with the departure of Álvaro Dávila from the institution and speculation of an alleged resignation by John Reynosobecame just another night in the growing story of last-minute losses for The Machine.

The sky-blues seemed to have put everything aside and gave themselves over to their fans, who were savoring the victory as a gift from the first penalty taken in the MX League for John Escobarbut at minute 84, Milton Gimenez put the 1-1 and Rodrigo Aguirre he scored the somersault for 2-1 in stoppage time.

Cruz Azul went ahead with a penalty

The game began. Luis Garcia He put Chuy Corona in trouble with a shot to the angle. The ball crashed into the crossbar and then into the bottom of the sky-blue goalkeeper’s left post, who stayed in the center of the goal with little room for action.

With 12 minutes on the clock, the arbitration controversy stole the spotlight. A clear penalty was not marked in favor of the sky blue. Charlie Rodriguez was in charge of centering a ball that John Escobar managed to connect in the center of the area. In the defensive work of the hidrocálidos, Bryan Garcia manages to deflect the ball by raising his left arm.

Immediately, the cement players approached the whistle, but Erik Yahir Miranda did not mark the action. The VAR He only notified the play by audio and Miranda did not attend a review. In addition, the video arbitration did not make the call to see the repetitions either.

The throats of the cement supporters thinned. Idekel Dominguez committed a foul on Uriel Antuna when the sky blue player entered the area, immediately, Erik Yahir Miranda set the maximum penalty. Escobar took the ball and with all the confidence and motivated by the form of his renewal, he beat Luis Malagón to make it 1-0.

Necaxa did not lower his arms and continued with the pressure. Milton Gimenez again he challenged Corona with a shot that the goalkeeper was able to save in a good way to send to a corner kick.

The old story with Cruz Azul

For the second half, Reynoso debuted Ivan Morales. The player immediately picked up the pace and had a dangerous arrival that Uriel Antuna could not connect in a good way.

And it is that the cement reinforcements seem promising, just as Morales did, Ángel Romero also had his first minutes in Liga MX and within seconds of entering the field he showed off with a great pass that the Chilean himself was about to define. Morales and Romero were followed by Christian Tabó and Luis Abraham.

When everything seemed like a moment of peace and communion between the fans and their team with the celestial chants, Giménez appeared in the area alone, rose and with his head pierced the nets to snatch the victory from the Machine and give happiness to Jimmy Lozano, who from home celebrated the entry because he tested positive for covid.

With five minutes of compensation, the Ray They found the weakness in the rear and Rodrigo Aguirre He took the opportunity to nail the second that ended with a night of frustration for the Machine. The defeat leaves the Celestes in third place, as they were unable to take advantage of the defeat of Atlas to catapult into the lead.

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