Regenerative medicine is already successfully applied in knee osteoarthritis

The knee osteoarthritis It is a degenerative disease characterized by a progressive wear of the cartilage that protects the bones that make up the joint. Today, thanks to advances in the field of regenerative medicinewe have a simple and effective therapy for the treatment of this pathology that is applied in Zaragoza in the Clinic CRES Phisiup with great success in the results, being able to request appointment for a consultation on the phone 976 483 553.

Knee osteoarthritis mainly affects the population over 50 yearswith more incidence in women than in men, although they can also suffer from it young patients. In these cases, osteoarthritis is usually associated with previous knee injuries. Impact sports (running, playing soccer, etc.) also help to further deteriorate the joint. Other factors to take into account that can trigger knee osteoarthritis are the obesity and overweight. The genetics It is also important, since there are people more prone than others to suffer from this disease.

Symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

Normally, osteoarthritis of the knee progresses slowly and its main symptom is he pain. At first this pain is mild and usually subsides when we do reposebut being a degenerative illnessover time the pain increases and other discomforts also arise such as stiffness or difficulty moving.

The main symptom that accompanies knee osteoarthritis is pain in the joint. seb_ra

It is also common to notice a sensation of clicking noise when flexing the kneeand when an effort greater than usual is made, there may even be some internal spillwith the consequent inflammation of the entire joint.

Joint pain

The patient’s pain gives an idea of ​​the degree of disease progression. If it’s a moderate osteoarthritisit can slightly bother the patient when starting the movement of the joint, and the pain can refer to the inner side of the knee, to the outer side, to the front, or to the entire knee, depending on the affected area.

In the more advanced gradesBecomes a disabling diseasewhich even forces the patient to have long periods of rest, preventing normal daily activity.

new cell therapy

The big ones medical advances in the field of regenerative medicine have made it possible to have very effective treatments in the field of traumatology and the sports injuries that are already successfully applied in cases of knee osteoarthritis.

Application of cell therapy in the knee of a patient with osteoarthritis at the Cres Clinic. CRES CLINIC

At CRES Clinics they are pioneers and experts in this type of treatment and they have years of experience and highly qualified professionals in the implementation of these new cell therapies.

Safe and effective technique

The doctor Carlos Jarabomedical director of CRES Clinics and professional expert in joint regenerative medicine, and who was a sports doctor for Real Zaragoza, explains what these treatments are like. They are technical very safe and effectivesince in a high number of cases they achieve stop the cartilage degeneration being able in many cases to reach regenerate it completely if the disease is not very advanced, hence the importance of a early and accurate diagnosis”.

“He has no important side effects adverse no rejections, since we use biological material from the patient himself. What’s more not precise surgery no hospitalizationn or rest, and are performed on an outpatient basis, which has very favorable repercussions in a faster recovery than with more conventional techniques”, says Dr. Carlos Jarabo.

Application in other joints and tissues

In addition to the knee, all joints who have osteoarthritis can be treated with regenerative medicine, such as shoulder, elbow or hip. Muscle and tendon injuries can also be treated with the same success. “We are achieving very positive and hopeful results in the vast majority of the cases we treat, managing to minimize or eliminate pain, reverse inflammation and restore joint functionality”, assures Dr. Carlos Jarabo.

Dr. Carlos Jarabo assures that an early and accurate diagnosis is key to good results. CRES CLINIC

It is very important that these treatments are carried out by medical professionals who are experts in regenerative medicine, since a good diagnosis is key to achieve good results. In cases where the disease is already very advanced, the patient’s quality of life is significantly improved, especially by treating the chronic pain that they suffer

In Zaragoza, the CRES Clinic is located in the Maria Lostal Street 27. You can make an appointment in advance 976 483 553.

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