‘MLS does do cool things’; Chicharito compares it to Liga MX

For some years now It’s on the table the debate if the MLS has already surpassed in terms of football level League MX or not, because they have grown by leaps and bounds and many consider so. Such is the case of Chicharitowho recognize that the North Americans keep adding players in EuropeWhile in Mexico they return from there.

The mls has been charging Greater relevance for some years, in the first instance due to the number of stars added to their teams, as the case of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Steven Gerrard, David Villa, Douglas Costaamong others, although it also highlights the youth work, Well, they have high-level prospects.

Chicharito compared MLS to Liga MX

Speaking in an interview with ‘TUDN’, Chicharito Hernandez confessed that in the MLS are doing ‘cool things’ and that despite the fact that they still have a lot to improve, there are more and more soccer players from the United States and Canada in Europe, It shows that your work pays off.

“They are doing something chingón. They still have a lot to do, but they are doing something very well and in one season they export 10 american players over a period of weeks,” said CH14.

Despite the work of the ‘upstairs neighbors’, Chicharito confessed that he would like the mMexicans had this ‘fortune’ to emigrate more and more to Europe, because he knows that there is talent to do it, although what has been seen in recent years is that are repatriated to Mexico.

I would love for them to be Mexican those who emigrate to Europe and that there were more than 15 or 20 Mexicans. But that entails the good work of this league (MLS), it has been growing for 27 years,” Hernández said.

U.S has a players top notch in Europeas is the case with Christian Pulisic (Chelsea), Weston McKennie (Youth), Timothy Weah (Lille), John Reyna (Borussia Dortmund) among others; in Mexico we recently saw truncated the European dream of JJ Macías.

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