Mexican referee promotes bookmaker and violates Code of Ethics!

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The assistant referee of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), Valeria Andradepromoted on his Instagram account a betting house and with this he violated the FIFA Code of Ethicswhich prohibits this type of action.

It was through a story on @valeria_andrade where 75,000 followers were able to see a video of Andade, where he invites them to participate in bets, even providing a code in his name for an extra bonus for new subscribers.

That way, the referee violates the Code of Ethics, as FIFA cites the following:

“All officials, referees and footballers, as well as intermediaries and match organizers, are subject to the FIFA Code of Ethics as follows:

  • They are prohibited from participating in bets, games of chance, lotteries or similar activities and transactions, directly or indirectly, that are related to soccer games or any other activity related to football.
  • They are prohibited from having any type of interest, directly or indirectly (through third parties or with their collaboration), in entities, companies, organizations, etc., that promote, negotiate, organize or direct bets, games of chance , lotteries or similar events or transactions related to football matches or competitions”.

The referee’s message

Valeria mentions the following on her social media account:

“Hello, friends. I want to recommend you a bookmaker 1xBet, the most reliable and with the highest coefficients and guaranteed payouts. A bonus of 130 dollars will be given to new players on their first deposit. Sign up and do not miss the opportunity to make you rich.”

What would be your penalty?

FIFA establishes the following:

“Pursuant to art. 26 of the FIFA Code of Ethics, the following behaviors may be subject to an integrity investigation which could result in a minimum fine of CHF 100,000 and a maximum three-year ban from practicing football-related activities.

This sanction would be a severe blow for Valeria Andrade and the Liga MX Femenil, since she is one of the most active assistant referees; she in the Clausura 2022 she adds six days in which she has been working.


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