If you study Medicine at UNAM you could live in Europe for a year

Good news for those who study the race Surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine (FM) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)because now they will be able to obtain a double degree, from UNAM and the University of Córdoba (UCO) in Spain.

Students will be able to continue their studies or exercise more easily in Europe, while UCO students will have better conditions to study in Mexico, thanks to the agreement between the two universities.

“The agreement basically consists of something unprecedented in which we had no precedent in the Faculty of Medicine and probably in no other school of Medicine, which is the double degree in the degree in Medical Surgeon. This means that the students who opt for it will be able to have a double degree: from the UNAM and from the UCO”, affirmed the director of the FM, Germán Fajardo Dolci.

It will be in May when that academic entity will publish a call to participate in this project, the first of its kind in the Faculty.

The agreement allows them to collaborate at an academic, residency and work level in Spain and the rest of the continent.

“With the double degree, students will have the possibility of doing a postgraduate degree in any country of the European community. Of course they can do it from here, but it’s much easier if they have a title from the community itself”, commented Fajardo Dolci.

Students begin the program when they enter medical internship. At that time, UNAM students go to the University of Córdoba, and vice versa. They spend a year in another country, and when they enter social service they have to return to Mexico.

While they are in the medical internship, they will have to complete some subjects that could not be equated 100 percent in the other country, but they can take them online.

During social service in Mexico, UCO and FM students carry out a degree project that they carry out in Spain. “With that, this project ends,” said the head of MAVI.

Fajardo Dolci pointed out that for the FM this project means entering a select group of universities in the world that have this possibility of a double degree, which for various reasons that university entity had not been able to enter.

Fajardo Dolci and Islas Upegui invited the fourth-year students of the Medical Surgeon degree to be attentive to the call next May and register. “There will be a Selection Committee that will choose the students who can participate.”

With information from the UNAM

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