Facundo Campazzo responded to the Denver Nuggets DT for wanting to remove him from the team


After being removed from the rotation, Facundo Campazzo returned to play in the 2021-22 NBA season and responded to Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone for wanting to remove him from the team.

Facundo Campazzo and Michael Malone
© Matthew Stockman/Getty ImagesFacundo Campazzo and Michael Malone

Had to go back and Facundo Campazzo he did not escape the challenge. Phew! Facu breathed a sigh of relief because at the close of the trade deadline for the 2021-22 NBA season his name was one of the candidates to leave the Denver Nuggetsbut the team made a final decision about his future.

Campazzo was playing fewer and fewer minutes for the Nuggets and was even considered the ideal trade for the Los Angeles Lakers for LeBron James and company. However, faced with the minimal chance to play that Denver gave him, he once again demonstrated that he has sufficient arguments to be an essential part of the team.

Michael Malone, coach of Denver Nuggetshad not ruled out that Facu Campazzo would be traded in the 2021-22 season and after NBA experts confirmed that he was one of the players to leave, An opportunity fell from heaven came to the base of Argentina.

In the Nuggets’ 108-102 point loss to the Boston Celtics, Monte Morris was unable to play, so Facundo Campazzo He was on the field and in 29 minutes of play scored 14 points, grabbed 4 rebounds, gave 3 assists, made 3 triples and responded to the Denver DT for wanting to remove him from the team. Of all and for all!

Video: Campazzo responded to the Nuggets DT for wanting to remove him from the NBA team

“He (Michael Malone) listens to me. We talk a lot. But in the NBA you have to be ready. I didn’t take this personally (…) Regarding the exchange, it is known that they are crazy weeks (…) It was not hard, on the contrary. I tried to put my energy into what I could control, what was within my reach. Training, helping my teammates”, affirmed Facundo Campazzo. See video from 3:35.

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