Exercising after getting vaccinated against COVID-19 enhances immunization

perform some exercise after receiving the dose reinforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine and the Influenza vaccinecan help enhance the effect of biologicsaccording to a study from Iowa State University in Ames.

The work, which used a sample of 70 people, was carried out by scientists from the University who observed the antigen level after the participants received either the influenza vaccine or the dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

The researchers found that those who had exercised for 90 minutes after receiving the injection, pproduced more antibodies than those who remained at rest.

It should be noted that science had already established that doing arm exercises before receiving the vaccine improved the levels of the antigens and those of specialized immune cells. Therefore, for some the result of this new work is not strange.

90 minutes of post-vaccine exercise has great benefits

Exercising after getting vaccinated against COVID-19 enhances immunization

Performing physical activity after immunization can improve the effects of the vaccine / Photo: Diario AS

The value of this new study, according to experts, is that it offers the time and type of exercise that best enhances the effects of vaccines. To find out, the experts recruited a group of people who were going to receive the influenza or covid vaccine to participate in their research.

Before receiving the biologicals, they took blood samples to test their antigen levels. After inoculation, the experts randomly invited some to sit down, while others were asked to exercise for 90 minutes.

The 90-minute time frame was chosen because there is prior evidence suggesting that with that time it was possible to increase interferon alpha in the blood and that stimulates the creation of immune cells.

Indeed, the experts found that those who exercised after receiving the vaccine during that period produced more antigens than those who remained at rest. Therefore, the researchers show that exercise is one of the best ways to combat COVID-19, since it works to prevent infections or to make them less severe in case they happen.

Does exercise make the COVID-19 vaccine more powerful?

Exercising after getting vaccinated against COVID-19 enhances immunization

The vaccine against COVID-19 and Influenza became more powerful in those who did some type of physical training/Photo: BBC

In 2020 it was established through research that athletes who received the influenza vaccine in the middle of their training, had more antigens and immune cells than the control groupmade up of young people who were in good health, but who were not training for sports competitions.

As we have mentioned in The Truth Newsthe study considers that if the person is stable after being immunized (they do not present discomfort), they can exercise such as running, jogging, riding a bicycle, among others.

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