Cristiano Ronaldo spat on a teammate after a draw | VIDEO

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The Man Utd not only immersed in a bad streak of resultsbut now Cristiano Ronaldo is being criticized for spit on him to one of his mates; a video shows how he spits at Anthony Elangaa 19-year-old who has just added his first minutes in the Premier League.

It seems that the scandals are the order of the day Manu, so you have to remember that Greenwood is separated from the club after having assaulted his partner, in addition to the fact that the dressing room it seems to be against coach Rangnick and now add this CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo spat on Elanga

In social networks there has been a video where you see how it is that Cristiano Ronaldo spits ‘directly’ against Elangaa fact that caused discontent among fans.

The moment, it seems, was end of the matchwhere Manchester United tied to 1 goal with the Southampton. Cristiano Ronaldo he walks through the field, it shows that he does see his partner but that doesn’t stop it from turning fast, spitting and moving on.

Is that your idol? what a pathetic player”, “I never thought I would see Cristiano in such a situation”, “Manchester United should punish Cristiano for that”, “what kind of player goes and spits on his teammates”, “what an act by CR7, but since it’s not Messi, they don’t share it”, was read on social networks.

There are many fans that they claim that CR7 accidentally spit and gave to Elangawhere they comment that there was never bad faith, but the versions are divided, since many say that it is a sign of his desperation for not scoring a goal.

After 24 games disputed, the Manchester United add 40 points and are located in the fifth position in the Premier Leaguein the absence of playing the rest of the day.

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