AMLO. As Resident, singer of Calle 13, my dream was to be a baseball player

The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ensured that, as René, singer of Calle 13 and the Cuban writer Leonard Padura, his dream in his youth was to be baseball player and “it was good”.

This Saturday, while supervising the progress of the construction of the Hector Espino Stadiumthe head of the federal Executive recalled that in his hometown Tepetitán, Tabasco, with his friends they played the so-called “King of sports”, with bats made from tree branches, rubber balls.

“There are things in life. Note that one of the best musicians, the one from Calle 13, René, wanted to be a baseball player, it was his dream, he played second base, but he himself says, right? One thing is that we like it and another thing is that we throw more than 90 miles and hit more than 300, that we club, that’s the point. So, he wasn’t a baseball player, but he’s a great musician.

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“Then there is the case of Leonardo Padura, Cuban, too, his passion was baseball and when he saw that he was not performing, he dedicated himself to being a sports writer, chronicling baseball and began to write a baseball chronicle of those times, from the 60s , from the 70s.

“I played baseball in my town and my dream was to play baseball since your age, even before. With rag gloves, we made bats out of tree branches, rubber balls, and sometimes a good baseball arrived and the gloves began to arrive, and now the bats. And I always played in middle school, in high school and that was my dream,” he said.

Accompanied by Governor Alfonso Durazo (Morena), the Federal President recalled that when he was a student at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (FCPS) of UNAM, he had an interuniversity league team “but we were not that good” and where I point out that he played with the son of the teacher and social activist Heberto Castillo.

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“About six years ago, eight years ago, I was not yet President, I met a friend, we played together in high school, because when I studied at university also at UNAM, we had our team, there was an interuniversity league, I studied Political Science and those of Political Science were not so good at baseball, those who studied Law, Medicine, Architecture were better.

“I had to play baseball in Architecture with the son of the engineer Heberto Castillo, who was a good pitcher—Heberto, who is an architect now, is around there—and with other countrymen, Lastra, who played on the Law team; also, as it is called in the slang, it was, there was ‘shrimp’ too, as I played well they gave us food and other things”.

He commented that around eight years ago, when “he was not yet President” during a discreet visit to Tabasco, one of his friends with whom he played in high school recognized him and told him that he thought “you were going to be a baseball player Major League Baseball and look, you’re going to be president.

“I met this friend about six, eight years ago, I was walking, I went on a tour to Tabasco, and just like Román, with a cap and glasses so that no one would recognize me, I was not even a candidate yet, and I recognized, Valdivia is surnamed. ‘Hey, Andrés Manuel, and I thought you were going to be a major league player and look, you’re going to be president,’ he commented with a laugh.

At this moment, President López Obrador is going to Punta Chueca, Sonora, to hold a meeting with authorities from the Seri people.


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