A MIR from Castellón speaks: “There is a problem of lack of specialist doctors”

Javier Marqués is a young man from Benicàssim who, after finishing his Medicine degree at the Universitat Jaume I in 2019, is a resident of Family and Community Medicine (MFYC) in Ibiza. In his opinion, MIR positions should be increased to alleviate the lack of doctors and improve the working conditions offered to them.

How is your experience as a resident?

I am currently a second year resident of Family and Community Medicine in Ibiza, and my training period is going as I expected, collating my day to day in the different hospital specialties, together with emergency guards. for now, I am quite happy with my choice.

Do you think there is a lack of doctors?

generally yes, especially with training via MIR. In Spain there is currently a problem of a lack of medical specialists, and the solution is not to continue expanding medical schools to train graduates in Medicine, but expand the offer of MIR places so that these graduates can opt for specializationessential to work in the SNS.

“In Spain there is a problem of lack of specialist doctors”


Should MIR positions be increased to ensure that there is no shortage of professionals in the short term to cover retirements?

Undoubtedly yes, but not only with the aim of preventing said deficit, since the problem today is that this deficit is already present. For example, in the Emergency Service of the hospital where I am training, there is an almost absolute shortage of doctors without MIR (and with MIR as well), and sometimes it is a serious problem when it comes to organization of the service, having to reinforcing shifts and overloading professionals.

Should the offer of medicine places be increased?

No, in my opinion that is not the main problem of the shortage of doctors, but as I mentioned before, the offer of MIR places should be expanded for the training of future specialists.

What area would you like to dedicate yourself to when you finish your residency and if you plan to stay here in Spain or go abroad?

At the moment when I find myself, I have thought when finished stay to work for at least a few years in the hospital in Ibiza where I am training, but I do not rule out accepting any offer abroadSince the working conditions are much better than in Spain.

“I plan to stay and work for at least a few years in Ibiza, but I don’t rule out accepting an offer abroad, since the working conditions are much better than in Spain”


Should wages and working conditions be improved?

Absolutely yes, we tend to always compare ourselves with other countries and on many occasions it seems that Spain always has better things, but as far as the health system is concerned, I think that we have terrible working conditions both residents in training and specialists.

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