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Torreón, Coahuila.- Regarding health sciences, the Torreón and Saltillo Schools of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Coahuila are evaluated among the best in the country, ranking in the top 5 nationally within the public sector and in the top 10 if those of the private sector are also considered, highlighting the rector of the Maximum House of Studies, Ing. Salvador Hernández Vélez, that this privileged situation is thanks to the students’ own merits.

“Of all the medical schools and faculties in the country, public and private, we are in the first 10 places at the national level and in the first five places if we only take into account public institutions and that is not a question made by the rector or that the director or director did, that is a job that the students have done with their own merits and their own work, then, the university has to move towards those schemes”, the manager explained in this regard, also emphasizing that The Autonomous University of Coahuila not only has educational programs with national accreditations, but also educational programs with international accreditations.

He added that today the university is advancing in a task that is fundamental and the recognition is entirely based on academic merit: “we need to advance in a policy of merit, but of academic merit and that is precisely what we are doing.”

“The University continues to advance in academic matters, for example, when I became rector, we had 180 professors from the National Research System, today we have 286, it means that if we increase by more than 100 researchers, it is not by work and grace of the disposition of the rector or of the educational authorities, it is also due to the constant and permanent work of the doctors of the university, of the researchers of the university”, he highlighted.

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