Toluca celebrates 105 years with ‘diabolical’ reengineering and a match

In the midst of a sports reengineering, Toluca turns 105 this February 12. From the hand of a new coach “foreign” to the roots of the club, but with a League Champion profilethe team will seek to reach its title 11.

Francis Suinagapresident of the Devils, explained in an interview for Halftime this restructuring and anticipated how the celebrations will be this year where there will be a special shirt and even a match against an international club, whose name is still reserved.

“The truth is that little by little we’ve rebuilt some things we needed to tune up And I think that the team is taking a face with a solid backbone”, said Suinaga after the incorporation of reinforcements such as Leo Fernandez, Valber Huerta Y Camilo da Silva.

Although the main bet is Ambriz, who never played for Toluca and breaks with the club’s elections of the last decade.

“If you check the numbers of the own Pepe Cardoso, hernan (Cristante), they are not bad at all and they are opportunities given to emblematic players. Probably that success they had gives them additional pressure in a series of decision-making due to the love they have for the club”, Suinaga recalled about the former coaches.

“I think Nacho on the one hand is a proven technicianchampion, who is very direct and frontal with his players, as is Don Valentin with his people and Nacho is a believer in hard work”.

T-shirt and international game

Suinaga revealed what will be surprises for Toluca on this 105th anniversary, where stands out the international match with a top-level club, whose name has not been revealed until the necessary agreements are finalized.

Since Toluca plays in San Luis this Saturday, February 12, then only They will wear a shirt with a badge alluding to the anniversary and the rest will be a week later at the Nemesio Diez Stadium against Cruz Azul.

“We are going to use a t-shirt with references to the 105th anniversary, We are going to go out in white, but for the Cruz Azul match we are going to use the house more, even if it is a week later. Internal celebration, but with a view to this year yes there will be a couple of surprises and an important one that I can’t announce yet is for a game with a view to the summer or towards the end of the yeardepending on the availability with a very high-level team that can come to play in view of its celebration”, he said.

The uniform that comes for the summer sticks very closely to the traditional starting part of the club and one of the shirts refers to the fans, to the cheers, to this emblematic stand of the stadium”, he advanced.

Valentín Díez and his support for Toluca

On the other hand, Suinaga highlighted the work of the Díez family in Tolucanot only for his love for the team with everything and remodeling the stadium and hiring reinforcements, but also for the city because the Nemesio Diez Stadium has hosted the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 with more than 600 thousand doses applied.

“What I read is that they have a thank you to this city which was where his father came from Spain to work and this unconditional love is reflected with support for the club and the city”, said the director, all in a year in which the Devils hope to become champions.

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