Ryan García separates from Canelo Team and goes with Goossen

Interim WBC Lightweight Champion has parted ways with the Eddy Reynoso-led team, but will remain based in San Diego

After a year of not working with the coach Eddy Reynoso, Ryan Garcia announced that it was left of Canelo Team and that his return to the ring, next November 9 in San Antonio against Emmanuel Tagoewill do it with the coach Joe Goossen in the corner.

Ferdinand Barbosa of ESPN KNOCKOUT made the announcement that Ryan Garcia had enlisted the services of the experienced trainer Goossen. Ryan He then shared a statement confirming the movement and thanking the work he had Eddy with him, guiding him for just over three years until he won the Interim Light Weight Championship endorsed by the World Boxing Council.

Ryan He has not fought since January 2021, but his return to the ensogado was announced for next April against the African tagoe. In addition to Joe GoossenHenry will continue Garcia, yes father, leading his work team. He said Ryan who will also be working out in his own gym, Fierce King, also located in San Diego, home of the Cinnamon Alvarez.

“I am excited to announce that I will be working with Hall of Fame coach Joe Goossenbesides my dad Henry Garcia“, reads the statement from Ryan. “Thanks to Eddy for all. He’s been in my corner since 2018 and I’ve learned a lot from him, both in and out of the ring. On behalf of my team, I wish Eddy May he continue his impressive career successfully,” he added.

In this way, the stable of fighters from Reynoso will stay with Canelo Alvarez in front, escorted by fighters like Óscar Valdez, Frank Sánchez, Andy Ruiz and Joselito Velázquez.

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