McLaren presents its single-seater for 2022: the MCL36

We already know the fourth car of the 2022 season. It is the McLaren MCL36, with which the Woking team hopes to take a step forward and enter the fight at the top of the table together with the two big favorites, Mercedes. and Red Bull. The presentation of the new racing car took place live from the McLaren Technology Center in Woking and it was attended by its head, Andreas Seidl, and its two drivers, Lando Norris -recently renovated- and Daniel Ricciardo, who wore overalls that foreshadowed the design of the car, inspired by the MCL35M that they used in the Great Monaco Award last year.

Once again, orange is once again the predominant color, although this time black gains presence and touches of blue remain. As technical news, we find a pull-rod type front suspension, deflectors below the brake intake and wheel deflector with cut. Similarly, the MCL36 features a tapered front wing, a main element attached to the backplane and not the nose, adjustable flaps, and a cut-out plate. As far as the cooling outlet is concerned, it is open at the back. There are no gills on the pontoons and we can appreciate a narrow pontoon in the back.

Ricciardo and Norris, at the presentation of the MCL36

Lando Norris, McLaren driver:

“Last year was my best year in Formula 1 and I am very proud of what I achieved as a driver and what we achieved as a team, but i know the best is yet to comeand my aim is to take the positive momentum we have built over the last year and build on it in this exciting new era of Formula 1. I am in a good position going into this year to build on the successes of 2021. I have grown alongside McLaren Y I am really delighted to have recently confirmed my long-term future with the team.. I’m looking forward to discovering what we can achieve together, and I will work hard to maximize any opportunity that comes our way.”

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren driver:

“There is always some nervousness around the start of the new season, but that rises to 11 when you enter a new era of regulations. Having gone through several regulation changes, I feel like I can use that energy to adapt to new cars, new ways of driving and ultimately new ways of racing. These new single-seaters will be very different from previous eras that I have driven, but I’m hopeful that translates into closer races and more opportunities to get to the front of the grid. Going into my second year with McLaren I feel very good and I feel that we have learned a lot as a team in 2021, which will help us face this new challenge. Securing victory at Monza was a turning point in my careerBut that’s in the past, and I’ll give it my all to ensure more moments like that for the team throughout the 2022 season.”

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