‘Lack of large stadiums’; the NFL in Mexico does not leave the Azteca for that

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It is not the most modern or conditioned stadium in the country, but it is the only one that meets the essential requirement that the NFL demands of Mexico to host matches annually. if you wonder why they always play in the Azteca Stadiumthe answer is given Arthur Olivethe director of the league in our country.

“We have seen different squares from the beginning. Obviously our house today is the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and we are very happyso say our bosses (in the United States) because of how the games have been carried there and we hope to continue having games in the medium and long term at the Azteca“, the manager told Multimedia in the city of Los Angeles prior to Super Bowl LVI.

Although the BBVA Stadium, Akron or TSM are much more recentapparently they can never be home to the National Football League in Mexico because “He has boys left” to the sport of tackling, at least in its capacity.

“We are reviewing how the stadium infrastructure is developed in other cities in the country. Something that has stopped us is that there are not big enough stadiums in Mexico because the modern ones are designed specifically for football,” he declared.

We have visited the stadium of Rayados, Santos, Chivasbut one NFL status is that they have capacity for at least 60 thousand people and in Mexico that only the Azteca Stadium meets it“.

The new Tigres could be an option for the NFL

Even if there is no certainty of how and when its construction will beginthe project of Tigres’ new stadium is monitored closely by the NFLbecause beyond the satisfaction they have with the Azteca, they know that open your range of options brings them closer to more matches in our territory.

“I have already mentioned it and I reiterate, we are following very closely, we are very attentive to the development of the new Tigres stadiumOlive said.

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