It is a trunk, but the Pachuca board would receive it with open arms

Jürgen Damm could return with the Tuzos del Pachuca
Jürgen Damm could return with the Tuzos del Pachuca

In the last 10 years the Pachuca It has been one of the best quarries in Mexican soccer since it has exported several players in addition to the fact that it has debuted others who have triumphed in Mexican soccer. However, not everyone ended up in the best way with the set of the graceful beauty. Well, this came out the back door after not ending in the best way with the Tuzos board.

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One of these players was the Mexican winger Jurgen Damm who was sold to the Tigers after he refused to renew with the Tuzos. Well, the player was looking for other airs, so the Pachuca board decided to sell him to Mexican soccer when it was assumed that he was going to go to European soccer.

After his short career with the North, Jurgen Dammdecided to emigrate to the MLS where he got a contract with Atlanta United where he was in recent years, but in this contest the Americans decided to terminate his contract with the Mexican.

It is for this reason that the Mexican would seek to return to soccer in his country where several teams would be interested in his services. Although the transfer market would have already ended, he would still have a chance to return to the Pachuca looking for a rematch.

How could Jürgen Damm return to Mexican soccer?

The Mexican winger would still have a chance to return to Liga MX as they approved the hiring of more players as long as they arrived freely. So if Damm seeks to return he would have to terminate his contract with him. Atlanta United in order to be registered in Mexican soccer.

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