Work in the metaverse: Roblox opens vacancies; so you can apply

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Roblox, company of video games for kids based in San Mateo, California, opened vacancies to work in the metaverse. The main positions include those of front-end engineer, back-end engineer and people specialized in avatars of the metaverse.

Roblox offers an annual salary of 270 thousand dollars for a senior software engineer, while a director would earn 430 thousand 500 dollars.

Daniel Sturmman, Roblox chief technology officer told Insider that the company plans to recruit at all levelsboth “university graduates” and “the best in the world”.

He also added that all the roles are aimed at allowing the experiences offered by the metaverse.

The hiring process includes cognitive and technical tests, as well as two interviews, first with a manager and then with one of the bosses, reported Insider.

High-level hires encompass three interviews with a manager, a director, and potentially the vice president.


Sturman told the outlet that for Roblox it’s important to find candidates who fit the “happy” culture of the company.

“Try to be your best, we want people who fit into our happy work environment and people who are excited about it and radiate it,” Sturman said.

You can see here the jobs that Roblox offers in the metaverse. Each one describes the functions of the position and includes a link to send CV.


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